What AI Infrastructure do you need

Take modern interstate motorways.  
You don’t break (unless there’s a traffic jam or car crash).  
You travel at massive speeds.  
(And if you go slow, you’ll be holding others back.) 
Now let’s downshift gears -.  
On a little country road. Better for horses than cars. 
For the country 
You have to drive slowly. Watch out for the animals and people crossing the road.  
It’s a slow and easy drive.  
Two roads for completely different kinds of driving.  
That’s the difference between your standard IT infrastructure and an AI infrastructure.  
The regular IT infra is more like PCs talking to each other, a server or two, and some other protocols thrown in.  
On the AI highway data hurtles across at high speeds – latency is a crime and velocity is king. 
Now, try stuffing all that on the standard IT infra. It’s like trying to stuff all the cars driving on the motorway on the little country road. (Yeah, that’s a 100-year nightmare waiting to happen.)

It all comes to driving data.  
AI has massive amounts of data running along its routes.  
Smooshing it into quaint streets won’t just cripple AI models, but every digital interaction.  (Not just the AI models – Everything).  
It’s simple. AI needs the right infrastructure: 
A system of highways designed for its velocity.  
That’s why you have MDCS.ai!  
We build your infrastructure so your AI models can travel at the speed of thought. Don’t wait eons for insights and fully integrated!  
The future is happening. All you have to do is reach out.  


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